Meet the Stylist

Shay Bennett

My Story

My name is Shaywanda Bennett, owner and certified natural stylist of Stylz N Smilz Kids Mobile Natural Hair Salon. I am a native of Boston, MA and recently moved to Trinity, FL after living in Columbia, MD for about 12 years. I developed a passion for doing children’s hair when my daughter was 5 years old; with a head full of hair. I had to learn how to maintain her hair; so, I came up with a natural,  healthy hair care routine by doing creative braid styles that soon attracted a lot of attention from parents at my daughter’s school.

Before I knew it, I was the natural stylist for half the school. I more so did it as a hobby vs a business because I just loved making little girls feel beautiful with my unique styles. The smiles on their faces once they saw the end results gave me life. Also, as a single mom I knew first hand how busy life could be. So, having the ability to remove one thing from a mom’s to-do list by tending to their child’s hair care needs and by providing the convenience of traveling to their homes, brought me the utmost gratification.

Then life happened; I moved away from Boston because my career in the medical field took off. Eventually, doing hair was limited to just friends and family. After a divorce 3 years ago, then soon after, I became an empty nester; it was time to do some soul searching. I started asking myself, what am I passionate about and what do I want to do with the next chapter of my life? The answer led me back to children’s hair. However, my motivation today is not only sparked by my love of working with children’s hair but also the desire to teach the importance of self care, which is a form of self love.

As adults we look forward to getting our hair done; it makes us feel beautiful. Why not allow our little ones to  experience that same feeling. I want to help promote natural beauty with creative styles for 5-11 year olds, which in turn can help to increase self esteem.

Unfortunately, so many of our black and brown girls do not look at their natural hair as beautiful and I want to help to change that perception. Natural beauty comes in all shades and hair textures. With my knowledge and 20 years experience of working with children’s hair,  I feel I can help bring that vision to life!

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